Sibel Sogukkanli

In my point of view, Iran has always been an attractive country. By living in Iran, I have always received positive feedbacks from the society. As a Turkish migrant, I have been noticed a lot. This Iranians’ behaviour is appreciable. If it would be possible, I want to make a constructive connection among Japan, Turkey and Iran. I am interested to middle east because of my field of activity in petrochemicals. Since sharif university is the best university of the middle east, I am enthusiastic to continue my research in this university. I am really interested to stay more time in Iran. Three years residency permission of Iran helps me to follow my goals. If international researchers and academics come to Iran and collaborate with industrial and research centers, they won’t experience any negative treatments or lack of welcome from society or academics in Iran. I haven’t had any negative interactions In Iran too.

When I came to Iran, Dr. Sattari, the vice president in science and technology affairs, said welcome to me which was admirable. I have never experienced such a reception in any country. In my opinion, I-connect program is a significant improvement to give residency permissions to foreign prominent people in Iran. I can say if you come to Iran, you will be welcomed warmly.I would like to invite others to join I-connect program. I-connect provides us the residence permit in Iran. I-connect pays attention to problems of international migrants about living in Iran and working in universities and academic situations to enhance the living conditions. I strongly recommend international professionals to register in I-connect program. they welcome you in Iran.

Bachelor of Chemical Engineering from Yildiz University, Istanbul, TurkeyMaster of Chemical Engineering from Istanbul University of Technology, TurkeyPhD in Chemical Engineering from the University of Tokyo, JapanErasmus scholarship holder of the European UnionVisiting Professor of Chemical Engineering Department (Petrochemical Department) of Sharif University of Technology