Facilitating residence in Iran

Granting long-term 3, 5, or 10-year residence permits to become eligible for public services such as banking, driver's license, work permit, ownership, etc.

Supporting entrepreneurial and innovatory initiatives

Facilitating the process of founding knowledge-based and innovative companies

Offering apprenticeship programs in technology and innovation institutions

Recruiting top university graduates in technology and innovation institutions

Supporting specialists and researchers

Holding workshops, training course, and science-focused tours

Granting funds to top researchers

Additional funds

Granting subsidies to attend scientific events

Granting tuition loans or subsidies

Sibel Sogukkanli

In my point of view, Iran has always been an attractive country. By living in Iran, I have always received positive feedbacks from the society. As a Turkish migrant, I have been noticed a lot.

Mohammad Kazem Anvari

Mohammad Kazem Anvari was born on 26 March 1982 in Qandahar, Afghanistan. When he was two, war and unrest broke out in Afghanistan and his family emigrated to Iran. He has been living in Iran since. After earning his high school diploma in Mashhad, he was admitted to the university and is now a Ph.D. candidate in pure mathema

Juan Francisco Paredes Lozano

Academic degrees: Doctorate in general medicine – Alcalá University (UAH) of Madrid, PhD in information technology – Pontifical University of Salamanca, Master's degree in human behavior management – The National Distance Education University (UNED), Madrid, and …

Muhammad Irfan-Maqsood

In 2015 Irfan-Maqsood founded "Ideh Parvaran-eh Mashreq Ghazal Ltd.," a multidisciplinary company providing knowledge-based services, developing business plans, and designing digital systems and portals.

Nour Mohammad Mohammadi

He was only 5 years old when his family sought asylum in Iran. The civil war in Afghanistan between the then-interim government and Taliban forced him and his family to find shelter in Iran. In 2012, he registered his first invention. It has now been four years since he founded a knowledge-based company.